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Dec 26, 2012 5:00am EST
. the union represent more than 14,000 workers at more than a dozen ports from boston to houston. the key sticking point -- container royalties or payments to union workers based on the weight of cargo. >>> now back to the markets. before the break, we told you about the best performing emerging markets this year. but -- emerging markets this year. the third best performing market this year is estonia, up 36.51%. and at number two is pakistan with the karachi stock exchange 100, up 49% for 2012. and the best performing market so far this year is turkey's ise national 100 index. up 52.26% this year. now our next guest says a play in the emerging markets could be a good bet for a successful 2013. joining us now to highlight the key markets to watch around the globe is ron shaw, managing partner at gina ventures. how are you doing? >> good. good morning. >> very good morning to you. did santa bring you everything you were hoping for? >> that and then some. >> that and then some. good. let's talk about emerging markets now. i've spoken to you a lot about how in the last couple of years, of co
Dec 13, 2012 4:00am EST
. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. on ground shipping at fedex office. >>> houston, we have a deal. after 14 hours worth of talkes and months of negotiations, an agreement has finally been reached on a pan european banking supervisor. european finance ministers say they have drawn up plans to allow the ecb to oversee the largest banks in the country, except for the uk and sweden which have opted out. >>> now, the latest results from italy's debt auction. italy is coming to market with a three-year bond. it's yields the lowest since october 2010. it also sold about just at the high end of the range it was looking for, about 3.5 billion euros worth of debt. just to recap what we're seeing, the december 2015 btp yield, 2.5%, a low bid to cover ratio under 1.4%. but we're seeing yields there, 2.64%. sold that at the high end, 750 million euros worth looking for the yield on that one. and as soon as i see it, we'll send it along. 4.75%. down from 5.32% in september. for plenty more on this and how it all fits in on the banking union, let's get straight out to silvia wadhwa i
Dec 27, 2012 4:00am EST
, former u.s. president is. >> intensive care at a houston hospital. the 88-year-old was moved to the icu sunday. president obama has been in the october due to a cough. his doctors remain cautiously optimistic about his condition. >>> samsung is now taking on issues with shoes in the u.s. >>> welcome back. we're keeping an eye on the strong winter storm that pounded the midwest and southeast and is now thrashing the northeast. it knocked out power to homes in days, a lot of them in arkansas. it has created havoc on the roads and at airports. says more than 1500 flights have been canceled since tuesday. reynolds wolf joins us now. reynolds, my family is headed back in a couple of days. are they going to make it in? >> oh, my goodness. it's going to be a tough time for people in the northeast. this storm, affecting so many millions of americans. today we'll have wind, rain and snow. buffalo could see up to a fought of snow. southeast, cool and try for the most part. snow possible in the sierra nevada. in parts of the pacific northwest, you might see rain in the valleys, but
Dec 12, 2012 4:00am EST
-tweeted before obama's. news of whitney houston's death in february generated more than ten million mentions. humbling. >> i think boris yeltsin at the opec got hit -- >> his tweets or pictures -- >> i'm not sure why he got caught in the zip wire. >> right. right. and him at the opening ceremonies dancing awkwardly. >> him -- him at the opening ceremony got a huge amount of response. >> as it should. we want to know what your favorite tweet, hash tag, or tui tweet, pic -- i hate myself for those terms. get in touch by e-mail, you can also tweet us, @cnbcwex. >>> ahead, north korea held a rocket launch but the international community is hardly impressed. we'll have reaction in a few minutes. >>> welcome back to "worldwide exchange." here are the top three stories trending at -- which chinese company will overtick amazon as the world's largest retailer by 2016? find out details on our web site. >>> and if you're looking for the dream job, what latest survey results have to say about the best place to work in 2013. right here, isn't it? reveals growing fear
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4